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when your friend is about to crash her car, and then your other friend next to you, half stoned, yells "fuck sandwich"
"okay guys..we're gon-"
"fuck sandwich"

"let's go to mcdonalds at 3am and order a fuck sandwich!"
by coolboo May 28, 2009
When one guy is fucking a girl in her pussy and the other is fucking her up the ass
Lexy: Hey Bella, last night i got a fuck sandwich from Daniel and Mikey

Bella: intense.
by LandBe April 07, 2011
Where a girl is in the middle of two guys she is giving one guy a blowjob and taking it in either the ass or the vagina from the other guy
Joe, Victoria and Nate were having a "Fuck Sandwich" last night.
by snakpak195 December 29, 2011

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