Another term for semen/jizz/gentleman juice/cum/love sauce.
When trying to - in a rather dirty manner - persuade your ladyfriend to perform a certain act (adopt a Glaswegian (Scotland) accent):

"Dae ya fancy a swallay of ma fuck paste?"
by HateEvent March 06, 2007
i put my fuckpaste in her
by undefeatable ownage 2 May 01, 2009
An insult, used in name-calling activities, or when shit is given. Inspired by the gelatinous goo created during sexual intercourse.
Fuck you, fuckpaste.
by Corey April 22, 2004
Synonymous with retard


Lubricant used during sexual intercourse (Mainly filthy queer-sex)
Holy shit, you fuckpaste.

Pass me the fuckpaste, Geeves.
by Ceryx March 14, 2003

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