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A person with whom you drag around town, wherever you go, who is there at any moment strictly for fucking. This person is a bottom feeder and complete street trash. Also, you can store items on/in them like water, keys, dildos, anal beeds, etc. This person is usually referred to as a cumdumpster as well.
"Was that your business partner? He smelled of moist shit, burnt blood, and hooker spit, and seemed grunt-like", stated Jeff to Landon.
"No", Landon chuckled, "That's just Jacob. He's my Fuck Camel. Really takes it all, so I appologize for his aroma. Just before you arrived I shit directly into his mouth, and then punched his asshole. While it boosted my confidence, in doing so I have subjected you to his stink. Sorry." Instantly, Landon shot his Fuck Camel in the head, and went on with his day.
by El Roy February 20, 2009
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