a style of hip hop, when

a) the artist freestyles to the beat of an r&b song, and instead of talking about the usual dank and purple drank, he talks about sex. always chopped/screwed. OR...

b) an r&b song is simply slowed down and chopped.

made popular in Houston, Texas.
DJ Screw took Jagged Edge's Let's Get Married, slowed it the fuck down and chopped that shit UP! now THAT'S fuck action!
by durtyd January 28, 2008
A mixtape series of popular R&B songs of that particular time, chopped and screwed by the great OG Ron C... If your with your chick alone at night, I suggest you put this on... As of this posting there has been 57 F-actions released (not including the halfs that Ron C has put out such as f-action 54.5 & 56.5) as well as a spin off called F-Action Alternative... Choppin & Screwin is an art & Ron C treats it as such that's why this mixtape series has been so successful in the south... In my opinion chopped & screwed slow jams are better than regular... Give it a try...
"Say bro, you got that new fuck action?"

"Yeah bro, I had it playin last night when I was wit my chick & instantly got in them draws ol "
by ChampagneC.V. September 30, 2009

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