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For the love of god
FTLOG, will you shut your mouth, ahole?
by Harold November 16, 2003
For the love of God!
When people are getting on your tits and you've had enough...

Friend One- "Blah Blah Blah.."
Friend Two- "FTLOG Can you shut up!!"
by Leopold the 3rd April 15, 2008
Acronym for "For the love of god"
Amanda: "John just posted a picture of himself hairy and half naked on Facebook"

Kristin: "ftlog"
by buttermonkey September 14, 2013
For the love of God
Ftlog, stop being such a jerk
by Inconceivable81 November 20, 2014
Phrase used in Everquest on Tunare server by the ever popular Grunties of Talisman. Stands for "For the love of grunties"
I.e..Damn, ftlog I wish this would end.
by Striph October 01, 2003
MSN Abreviation "For the Love Of God"
by ZEEE DEEE January 03, 2010

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