For The kill - Based on For the win(ftw)
knife le onoseurs ftk!
by Leetcard2 September 26, 2004
For The Kids!

A chant heard at Penn State's THON. Everything we do is for the kids.
"Why would you not sit or sleep for 48 hours?"

by 4 diamond October 04, 2008
For The Kids
Dude you that was so raw. Yeah dude FTK.
by Tsperny November 05, 2008
F.T.K. is an acronym for Fuck The Kells, which is the name of a enjoyable song by The Vagiants. It is also screamed out by teenage girls to express a variety of feelings ranging from boredom to euphoria.
You are sitting in English 11 and your teacher asks you to write out the dominant mood of the next ten descriptive poems.
Express yourself using F.T.K.

by aleep April 15, 2008
Acronym that stands for "for the kids", a term used by the sensei and the gakusei that refers to performing a certain task with great enthusiasm and high level of competence for the love of the kids.
"Yo let's do a quick pug ftk!"
by oppa March 17, 2008
Fuck Toby Keith
Dixie Chicks, ftk
by hljmesa January 01, 2012
Fucking Theater Kids, the perfect moniker to utter under your breath when you are fed up and annoyed with all of the loud-mouthed theater kids shouting and singing loudly and demanding attention everywhere they go.
I really wish that FTK would stop shouting the lyrics to Rent into my ear
by Neenee Starshine July 16, 2010

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