Francis Scott Key Mall. If you live in Frederick, you have been in this mall,you've hung out with friends in this mall, and you have used Barnes & Nobles to get into the mall. You also have wished that this mall had better stores, yet you still go here anyways.
Yeah, me and a few friends are gonna hit FSK, then we're going to Westview to watch Avatar.
by Jenniferjenjen April 13, 2010
Short for the word fuck, usually to bypass filters
Server: Message not recieved due to bad language
by pwnz0r September 17, 2003
Falcon Street Krew.
A 'gang' which resides on Falcon Street in sydney. Superior to the other gangs in every way, although it does have 2 people who fail at life.
Guy1: dude here comes FSK
Guy2: holy s**t man run!
by fskog September 16, 2009
Pronounced; FISK!
Tabithatampon; "ohhh my godddd. Check out that fsk!"
Christopher Bites; "hahahah! eww."
Super duper Danielle; *shouts* "FSK! FSK!"
fsk; *looks in confusion?*
by Tabithatampon(: October 21, 2008
fuck scene kids
you walk past a few scene kids and mumble under your breath FSK!
by dirtyonpurpose August 06, 2008
Due to MapleStory's lame "Curse System" that bans every other word except, nigguh... The word fsk has been made to replace "fck"
fsk you!
by michael passion January 01, 2008

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