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1. An avid trekkie who teaches World History on the side.
2. A man who adopts little kids from other countries.
3. A reincarnation of Ben Stein who also enjoys spending time in historical reenactments.
4. Ryan Seacrest after a few years in hell.
Gretel: DUDE. I totally failed that test on the Roman Empire today!
Hansel: ZOMG me tooooo.
Gretel: Ugh, I'm starting to get the feeling our teacher is a Fryman.
Hansel: You might be right...I saw some latex ears in his filing cabinet.
Gretel: Well maybe you could brown-nose your way out of it by throwin' up a Live Long and Prosper!
Hansel: Oh my! That sounds like a plan!
by Lola Rofflesmith November 26, 2006
one who puts fries into a blender then imbibes them with much vigor and delight.
Definition speaks for it self. (Do I really need to tell you?) It is a man who like french fry or fried smoothies. the fry man put is name brand french fries in to a blender then proceded to blend them into a paste like substance, he then proceeded to take out his lucky straw and drink it as if it twere a liquid! or it is simply a person who really likes bananas!
by Tim Bill June 01, 2006