Tripping fucking balls on LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) or Mushrooms (psilocybin)
"Frying fucking balls" is normally used for when the walls are all different colors..(and breathing), the design on the carpet is crawling up the walls, there are swirls of colors floating in the air, everything is a cartoon, your best friend looks like a weasel, and you are uncontrolably laughing
as you can see "Frying" is used because it is like taking out your brain, and throwing on a frying pan made of rainbows, and filled with peace and love.
Matt: Dude, how was Disneyland?

Ryan: hahah, holy fucking christ dude, i ate like 2 grams of mushrooms, and was laughing my ass off at everything, then i was handed a tab of the strongest LSD i have ever come across..
went on the buzzlightyear ride, and was frying so fucking hard all i could do was laugh..
then went on the Winnie the Pooh ride, and it was THE greatest moment of my life.

Matt: hahah, holy shit man, thats insane

Ryan : yeah, i was losing my fucking mind man..
my brain was a mass of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.
by fRyan April 11, 2009
Top Definition
To trip hard, usually on LSD (acid)
I had to eat the acid when the cop pulled me over! I was frying so hard in the police station the walls were melting!
by Chris May 28, 2003
Something cool. You use this word when something was good, nice , etc. You can use it for when you had a good time. ; Another way of saying something was turnt.
Yo you went to Jen's party? " Yesss. That party was frying.

Example 2: I went to the store yesterday and saw some new sneakers. Bro them shoes was fryingggggg.
by Loveliving077 March 30, 2015
when you are playing basketball and schooling someone.
i was just frying you when i beat you 21-0 and dunked all over you.
yo bob was just frying you when he made you fall.
by auzzie September 12, 2006
a fat hottie. A fat person that happens to be hott or good-looking, or someone that could be really hott if they weren't such a fatass.
"man that dude could be so hott; i mean, he is frying and all...but he could be better if he lost a few pounds"
by holly December 07, 2004
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