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An originally harmless term that has recently turned in Slovakia into a strongly offensive name for a person who hates their own life so much that they are willing to attend the regional elections and vote for a neo-nazi jerk to become their regional governor.

These people suffer from an excessive use of mental shorcuts like: " I am not able to buy as big TV as my neighhbour has... My life sucks... Whose fault is it? Fuck, I am going to vote for the funny angry guy with this cute moustache. And we will kick those black asses out of our country!"
The term has a great potential to become a name for any loser who is desperate to blame someone else for their fail and uses it as an excuse to act like a complete asshole.
- Have you heard? Jozko got drunk last night and started to fight with the nice foreign barman in our pub.
- Oh, that frustrated voter! He must have learned his best friend Fero is shaggin' his chick.

- Stop being a frustrated voter, Terka! You cannot boil your golden fish just because you didn't get the Barbie for Christmas!

- The frustrated voters finally have their reason to celebrate after the elections in Slovakia.
by maroch November 26, 2013

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