The original uasage of the word frumroll was derived by an illiterate jackhole that couldn't type. The individual that started it now has been flamed so much because of it he has trade marked the term and if you use it you owe him a dollar so pay up buster!
U guuys wont to frumroll to si hwos rillley keeing uf da stireet raycing?
by TCSnews September 18, 2006
Top Definition
Frum Roll is a term coined by a member of TCStangs when describing how two cars would "race" once both were already rolling. When one driver would ask another to race, inevitably one would hear the return question of "Do you want to go from a stop (dig) or from a roll?" Due to the difficulty in finding spots to perform standing starts, the response was often "from a roll". When composing a post on the message board, it was accidentally posted as "Frum Roll".
Do you want to frumroll or frumdig?
by DravenTCS April 21, 2006
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