Another name for a Gunt.
That poor woman can't see her own vagina when she looks in the mirror because, unfortunately, her frumph is hanging in front of it.
by Kevin Flaherty February 26, 2008
Top Definition
The word frumph is an emotional state of being for the older generation. It denotes a sour attitude with a glum look on life. Nothing is perfect and nothing will ever be how it used to be.

As a verb "frumph" which is a symbol of how their day went.

As a noun, "frumph" can sets their tone in which denotes posture and reaction in that state of frumphiness.
Doctor Johnson is such a frumph today.

I'm in such a frumph today. Nobody did anything I told them to!

Mr. Rodgers is such a frumphy person.
by Frumph January 18, 2011
someone who farts in the bathtub and then bites the bubbles.
that bitch is so nasty i bet she is a frumph
by bitenit May 04, 2009
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