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A place were ostenbibly straight men go to have sex with other men. Parks, fishing places. They usually signal each other with hand signals or the classic eye lock or staredown or other modes of recognition
My ex-boyfriend called those areas off the gandy bridge in tampa as fruit loops. How would he know that if he wasnt gay?
by Choybalsan July 23, 2008
1. A crazy insane gay man
2. a cereal featuring an incest ridden toucan and his 3 gay nephews
"Hitler was a fruit loop."
by hgmkkdydjtjtuj December 01, 2007
A U-turn sorta sercle thing in my city were all the male hooker are.
But I don't wanna go past the fruit loop.
by isla September 02, 2004
A parking lot, cul de sac, or park drive in a towns gay district, where underage gay teenagers (who are too young to go to the gay bars) hang out at late at night. When the gay bars close, the gay men who didn't pick up who want a piece of ass, cruise by the fruit loop.
If you don't pay off your drug debt, I'm going to take you to the fruitloop on the west side, and pimp your ass out until your debt is settled.
by Robertino October 15, 2005
A gay person that could be defined as mentally unstable/bat-shit crazy due to his or her actions.
James fucked five guys last night while standing on his head. He's such a fruit loop.
cereal served in county jail....... never fresh, NEVER
Follow your nose cuz fruit loops stink, so stay out of jail !
by low-one December 19, 2009
a very not so straight person
john is a fruitloop bcuz he is a lil crooked
by Lauren CarRArztT sdfsdgf May 16, 2005