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combination of a frown, scowl, and growl, to be employed when each of these individually just isn't enough.
I just poured coffee on my crotch while reading my girlfriend's break-up letter in a traffic jam! *frowl*
by tyld December 10, 2003
A face that is scrunched up,
a furrowed brow, or a mean and nasty countenance. Often seen on miserable Minnesotan's faces. This word is a derivative of frown and scowl.
The lady at the State Fair waiting for a corn dog had a frowl on her face.

The frowl on his face scared the children when he opened the door.

Get that frowl off your face before I give you something to frowl about.
by Huntleigh June 10, 2008
frowl- a high pitched squeel in a high or low manner that makes the sound "frowl
frowl- i frowled because i got chalenged to a frowl off
by josh yardeni May 22, 2008