A joint or cigarette laced with Ecstasy powder.
I felt like I was floating after I hit that frosty.
by Chan August 13, 2003
white person, particularly a VERY white one.
Shut up frosty and get your midwestern white ass out my house.
by Jesse Crouch April 18, 2003
Frosty is when you do not wipe your ass thoroughly after taking a dump,th poop still in your bunghole molds.
After Arthur broke both of his arms he had a frosty ass,because he could not reach far enough to give a thorough ass wipe.
by STEPHEN DOUGLAS March 28, 2003
When a guy rubs the outside of a girls pussy
He didn't finger me, but he gave me a frosty
by ML March 08, 2004
Something jake came up with, it means a "hot lunch" but it is frozen and thaws in your mouth
Man, Ashley really wanted to know what a frosty is and now that she knows probably thinks its really nasty. And i dont like it.
by ~blizzy~ August 02, 2003
when one must use the bathroom excessively and repeatedly. Background: one day at Starbucks, we treated our friend Tim to a venti-sized chai creme frappacino, despite his refusal. when he got up and went to the bathroom, he said "frosty," and now everytime he has to use the bathroom, we repeat the word "frosty."
Tim had to go frosty because he drank too much frappacino.
by Helen and Nina March 23, 2005
being drunk, high, and having a crazy time at miramonte high school at orinda california
Dude, we gettin frosty tonight
by big poppa ryan January 17, 2005

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