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The shittiest little town in Western Maryland where fake bitches and moms who attempt to live there high school years through their daughters thrive. Frostburg is so tiny and everyone is in everyone's business, you can't do anything without having the entire town find out. Most of the girls have nothing better to do so they fuck anything that walks. This town ruins people mentally. The people are hateful and will do anything in their power to tear down pleasant spirits. Frostburg is a shit hole and their high school has teachers who rape students and the administrators cover it up! It's such a fun town!
Jill: "Hmm I'm looking to move into a super shitty town where no one has anything better to do than talk shit about other people and try to tear people down."
Jennifer: "Ooh, Jill, just move to Frostburg!"
by Honest and Merciless February 26, 2015
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