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Impromptu, late-night, home hangout with a friend of the opposite or preferred sex. No sex, but a bit of sexual tension. Possible cuddling.
Drink, stargaze, light candles, listen to records, move furniture, tell stories, share plans, giggle like a mofo (shh, it's late), get advice on your relationship. The late hour lends itself to unusual activities (Ouija board?Dumping unwanted items on the street?). Can be manic or mellow. A no judgment zone. Feels the tiniest it magical/sacred and separate from 'real life'.
GF/BF approved.
I was restless after my date so I called Joe for a frootie call. He rode up at 1, made drinks and hung out on the deck, wrapped in a blanket with a single candle. Star gazed, listened to night creatures. We discussed GIRLS, anal sex and where to eat in Tahoe. Laughed hysterically at one point. He gave advice how to arrange my bookshelves. We almost kissed, didn't then laughed about it. He rode away at 3am with a tub of pesto I had given him. Then, I slept like a log.
by 22stdream October 09, 2013
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