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Crazy,eccentric, weird, out there
You are a complete froot loop
by sylvy September 24, 2006
29 18
The CORRECT way to spell Froot Loops.
Guy 1: hey, let's go get some fruit loops
Guy 2: it's FROOT loops you asshat
by Souma Mondal June 02, 2005
97 9
Derived from the slang term froot, usually meaning someone who is gay.
"And you thought they were cereal..."
by fsc May 31, 2005
32 16
either of 2 definitions.

1-pills u take and don't know what they are

2-coricidin pills
1-she went to that party and took some frootloops, and now she's all fucked up

2-i just stole some frootloops from the drug store.
by justme0000 February 13, 2009
9 2
A werid person who is nuts and makes frootloop neaklaces to put on he/his dolls. yes frootloops have dolls..... porcelain dolls that murder people
"her eyes are wibbly and curley and dumb"
"you have 3 brown eyes"
"oh wow that person is a frootloop, they put tomata sause on their yogurt"
"end scene"
by ze non-frootloop perzon!!! July 31, 2008
6 1
When a female places a ring of pineapple betwixt her butt cheeks and proceeds to have anal sex with a man, or woman (in some states).
"Hey, let me call you back. I'm in the middle of a Froot Loop."
by MT Laxer December 01, 2007
19 15
NOT "Fruit Loop", the correct spelling is Froot Loop. Froot Loops are sugary, highly-toxic and so-called nutritious cereal. They are not healthy at all seeing that they contain a lot of sugar, but, well, they are delicious. They were created by Kellogg's and the character in the box is Toucan Sam
"Mom, I told you I hate Cornflakes! I want Froot Loops!
by MinxPie July 04, 2009
10 7