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The saliva that drips in mass quantities from your mouth when you floss.
My cat scared me while I was flossing and causing me to fling frool all over my pant-leg.
by Samuel Dalembert December 13, 2003
A secret game passed on from player to player. The rules of which cannot be discussed outside of the secret circle or ever written down.
I challenge you sir to a game of frool.
by Froolmaster April 14, 2011
Freakin cool;Adj
When a bro does something amazing like ask out the hot barista at a coffee shop and gets her number, another bro would say "Dude why are you so frool?"

Bro: Hey dude did you see that guy hit 120 mph in 10 seconds?

Other Bro: Heck yeah dude, he's so frool.
by Gus T. T. Showbiz March 26, 2011
An earthling who demonstrates to be both a freak and a fool.
WTF! Weren't you just in the bathroom?
You left a sloppy floater and no sign of toilet paper, you fucking frool.
by Ool, Free Kanf November 17, 2008
friend who is stupid but ur cool w/ them nonetheless
frool stfu
by |2ainman September 03, 2003

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