To Google with speed. To retrive exact information just by manually scanning search results. A search hacker is also known as frooger. Frooging is the act of speed searching.
girl: Sweet ! How did you find that so fast?
frooger: well, I just frooged it up !
by GoogleBoyLucky November 10, 2008
Top Definition
Another way of describing a new born child. Usually between friends and not family.
Hey, how are you and the froog?

by Ade Lunn October 12, 2007
an up and coming religion whitch involves all of the good things of all the other religeons, just without any of the rules.
Froog is the only way to salvation.
by Weed Skull May 18, 2008
A more polite way of saying fuck. It can be used in many different ways with different endings for example frooging hell im super frooged
ohh froog it who gives a froog
by Lukemyster June 20, 2006
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