To provide you with a hit or small amount of drugs.
Tom: "Dude, I can't believe we actually sat through all 4 hours of 'Pretty Pretty Princesses in the Land of Magical Unicorns.' That play was LAAAAAME, dude."
Phil: "Yeah, sorry about that. Yesterday when Crackhead Bill told me he'd front my ass a play I thought he was going to give me some drugs, not front row tickets to that. I'd rather watch 4 hours of maggots crawling through dog shit."
Tom: "Well at least that one 8-year-old girl was pretty hot."
Phil: "Um, that was an 8-year-old boy, man."
Tom: "Giggidy giggidy!"

"You want some llell?
I'll front your ass a play,
But other than that get the hell out my face
Because you niggaz tryin' to
Blow my buzz"
-D12, "Blow My Buzz"
by Nick D February 02, 2006

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