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not taking a shower leads to conjunctive build up of sweat,dirt,and lint.....creating a small film of funk under a males scrotum
i aint bathed in 2 days nd i got from under cheese like a mug
by tjizzle31491 May 28, 2008
Cheese scraped 'from under' one's scrotum.
"She has a liking for my Fromunder Cheese."


Jill spread Fromunder Cheese on her toast.
by Sean + Ben the Warehouse Boys September 15, 2003
A reference to the 'cheese' that comes from the area around a mans penis.

The 'john' asked me if I would eat his Fromunder cheese for an extra buck. I asked him what kind of cheese was 'Fromunder cheese'. He replied back saying, "You know the cheese Fromunder the head of my dick".
by Tripperfish June 18, 2006
This is the term used to describe dried-up, crusty, and usually week-old semen that has been resting on a man's penis or scrotum for an extended period of time. From-Under Cheese comes from sloppy masturbation most of the time, but can also be a result of complete uncleanliness.
Bitch: OMG I'm soooo fuckkkin drunk...I wanna suck your fuckkkin dick...haha
Me: Ight bitch. Lick the From-Under Cheese off while you're at it.

Joe was beating off for 2 straight hours and had a load of From-Under Cheese under there.

Eminem (Crack a Bottle): Kiss my butt, lick From-Under Cheese from under my nuts.
by Bawseman March 04, 2009
Due to bad personal hygene,it is a cheese-like substance that developes under your nuts
Fromunder Cheese goes good with some toast
by Gothic Bob May 26, 2003
Smegma; a white, cheesy sebacceous secretion from under the foreskin. This tends to be very foul smelling stuff. It can also accumulate under the skin covering the clitoris. Be sure to bathe every day so when your lover goes down on you they do not shudder in horror at the rank stankiness on their tongue. Usually fromunder cheese on males only occur in the uncircumcised. But don't cut it, just wash it!
As Mary went to go down on John, she noticed clumps of Fromundercheese under his foreskin. Subsequently Mary never gave head to John again.
by Skeeter-Hoe May 09, 2003
A milder variant of the term fromunderjuice implying that ones "fromunderjuice" has taken on a more melancholy tone pertaining to that of fresh Brie or in extreme cases certain varieties of Blue Cheese
A matter of persona hygiene: "Damn I forgot to wash my genitalia this morning, my **** skin smells of fromundercheese"

As an insult: "Eat my fromundercheese you unhuman fiend"

A swift joke amongst friends at a dinner party:

Jill:"Would you care for some fromundercheese with your biscuits and wine"

Party: "Oh... ha ha ha ha"
by Rich March 18, 2003
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