From Autumn To Ashes is a wonderful band. They could be classifed hardcore or emo. Because Emo is all in the lyrics. And if you listen to the lyrics in FATA you will see.
From Autumn To Ashes Is Super.
by NayNay February 25, 2005
Top Definition
the best hardcore band to ever walk the face of the earth.
the best, the only, the almighty.
by T33J April 28, 2003
from autumn to ashes is awesome.
fata rocks
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
one of the best bands I've ever heard
Prep: From Autumn to Ashes SUCK!
Me: Go fuck your boyfriend and get pregnant at age 14 you fucktard.
by LaUrA -- AnDrOmEdA647 on AiM July 21, 2003
A hardcore/emo band that has a wonderful CD "too bad you're beautiful." It is too bad that they have a drummer that sings like a bitch and ruins the songs and the whole 2nd album entitled "The Fiction we Live." Also a band that could be simply amazing if they cut out the drummers vocal chords.
From Autumn to Ashes rocks 90% of the time when the singer shuts his trap and drums.
by GardenState June 04, 2005
what the toss is XXX on about in point 4.?!
i suggest they shut up and start listening to proper music.... fata would be good, yes
you are an arse-wipe XXX
by sofo November 19, 2004
Your guys who say From Autumn To Ashes sucks. You guys are just ignorant douche bags. It is Emo because, by Autumn, then mean a girl from a book not yet created. So, maybe that's the reason? Huh, jackasses?
Learn to type.
From Autumn To Ashes rocks.
by I See Right Through You March 04, 2004
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