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if the spider man doesnt work("When a guy cums in his hand and then flings the cum like spidey shooting webs.")then the cum will get stuck in ur fingers and it make ur fingers all webbed then u slap the girl in the face.

the spider man didnt work on the bitch so i wiped out the frog slap and she didnt know what to do with herself
by gilli-spree September 26, 2007
A sexual act. At climax the male partner ejaculates into his hand and spreads the semen between his fingers, mimicking the webs between a frogs hand. He then proceeds to slap his female or male partner in the face with the frog like semen covered hand.
She didn't want me to blow my load on her face so I frogslapped that whore.
by Jizzy McTasty December 01, 2011
A high-five with wet hands, like after winning a water polo match or having sweaty palms.
Wipe your hands, don't frogslap me.

After the team barely won state, it was frogslaps all around.
by Welchaway April 11, 2011
Water Polo celebration, basically a "high five when a player scores a goal in a power play situation, or manages to throw the ball expertly, finding the one vulnerable area in the goalkeeper's well-guarded net.
The ball enters the goal net after having been touched and almost stopped by the opposing team's goalkeeper.

The scoring player does a "Frogslap" with each and every one of his team-mates, especially those who assisting him in the score.
by PoloPro Paul April 14, 2011

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