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A person who farts in the bathtub, then eats the bubbles.
As a toddler, George W. Bush was quite a froam.
by Jose Jiminez June 10, 2004
An african american. from aFRO-AMerican. Usually said by suburban white kids in vans wearing plain white t's.
Gee whiz billy, we should get out of this neighborhood. There sure are alot of fro-am's walking around! I'm scared...
by Cookie Jarvis March 19, 2004
1.) an illegal drug
2.) the phone (esp. a cell phone)
1.) "We ain't usin' no froam! WE AIN'T USIN' NO FROAM!"
@.) "We ain't usin' no froam! WE AIN'T USIN' NO FROAM!"
by DeWayne Mann May 20, 2003
Floor rolling all over me
used in sexual content
Guy-Brb, ima go froam
girl-Ok ;)
by kkkz November 29, 2007
Someone who sucks so much cock their face gets long & froamy.
John Kerry has a long froamy face.
by Captain Brilliant October 13, 2004
The highest form of thirst, when your mouth tastes like it has something in it that is somewhere between dry foam and horse cum.
I haven't had a drink in hours and now my mouth is froaming.
by Birth Slop January 28, 2004
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