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The highest form of thirst, when your mouth tastes like it has something in it that is somewhere between dry foam and horse cum.
I haven't had a drink in hours and now my mouth is froaming.
by Birth Slop January 28, 2004

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An african american. from aFRO-AMerican. Usually said by suburban white kids in vans wearing plain white t's.
Gee whiz billy, we should get out of this neighborhood. There sure are alot of fro-am's walking around! I'm scared...
by Cookie Jarvis March 19, 2004
A person who farts in the bathtub, then eats the bubbles.
As a toddler, George W. Bush was quite a froam.
by Jose Jiminez June 10, 2004
1.) an illegal drug
2.) the phone (esp. a cell phone)
1.) "We ain't usin' no froam! WE AIN'T USIN' NO FROAM!"
@.) "We ain't usin' no froam! WE AIN'T USIN' NO FROAM!"
by DeWayne Mann May 20, 2003
Floor rolling all over me
used in sexual content
Guy-Brb, ima go froam
girl-Ok ;)
by kkkz November 29, 2007
Someone who sucks so much cock their face gets long & froamy.
John Kerry has a long froamy face.
by Captain Brilliant October 13, 2004