When it's so cold that your nipples get really hard like they're frozen. So hard that they poke through your clothes.
OMG It's so cold today that Farima has fripples.
by GP_Oz January 29, 2010
used to describe a frozen nipple.
very cold and pointy nipples.
"awww mannnn. i dont want to go outside, its too cold im gonna get a fripple."

"Hey, i can see your frips!"

The girl was very cold, to cold infact, and she started to get a fripple.
by eh.sha October 20, 2007
When you are sitting, and you fart, and the fart then flops up past your balls causing a ripple sound.
I was sitting on the couch when I felt the sudden urge to release gas, then was disgusted at the fripple sound it made.
by Umbriel May 14, 2013
A term from the Philip K. Dick book titled "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep". The term itself describes the unidentifiable broken bits and pieces of things that seem to litter the world around us. Pieces of plastic, wood, rock, paper and any number of other materials that are obviously manufactured but cannot be directly related to their use. Fripple has a tendancy to collect and over time makes a layer all of its own.
I walked down the sidewalk staring blankly at the fripple covered concrete and wondering to myself where all of these small bits of things came from and what they belonged to. There was not one item I was able to associate with anything.
by Tannasgh July 02, 2006
The amount of ripples (burrrrp sounds) in a fart.
In "The Alphabet of Manliness" Maddox talks about high-frequency and low-frequency fripples.
by Jacob Merty July 29, 2006
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