a pen to write with on paper
i would like a frindle.
by michael December 08, 2003
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A made up word meaning pen from a book called Frindle written for children.
"Since i read the book, now i'm only going to say frindle. I'll never say pen again
by Clarrissa Langley April 27, 2004
a pen
Mommy, buy me a frindle.
by Joe Schmo from Idaho October 23, 2003
synonym for 'pen'
hey can i borrow a frindle to write with?
by john March 15, 2004
Frindle: a utensil for writing, almost exclusively a pen.
Can I use your frindle
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
a writing tool that uses ink; a pen
"Hey I need to write down my grocery list, do you have a Frindle?
by pseudonym123456789990000000000 December 26, 2011
A writing utensil, usually filled with ink. Used for writing and drawing all around the world. See pen. The word frindle was first introduced in the Andrew Clements book Frindle.
Mike put down his frindle after writing for hours.
by gadgetatorblog.blogspot.com February 22, 2011

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