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-Music of a stale or marketed format.

-Music that can be easily overlooked or completely ignored much like a refrigerator buzzing.

-Music made to satisfy the mainstream or record label.

-Typical radio music.
Thom Yorke:There's a line in "Karma Police," about the buzzes like a fridge," and when you're driving around and around, and you have the alternative stations on in the background, or in your hotel room, it's just like a fridge buzzing. That's all I'm hearing. I'm just hearing buzz. It's really odd. You just have to laugh,'cause-

Journalist: Well, the one song that you had that was really embraced-

Thom Yorke: Yeah, that had the fridge buzzing in it.

Journalist: -by the modern rock format-

Both: -Creep.

Thom Yorke: That was a good fridge buzz.
by urbangermanturban April 18, 2011

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