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adj 1: describing the gyration between the left human buttock and the right human buttock due to the chemical state of the excretion of the posterior sweat glands.
adj 2: describing the common street colloquialisms of the eastern asian slang term for "rad", "don't have a cow, man!" and "spiffing olde, cahp, what? what?" thus defining a persons specific need for the japanese marzipan.
adj. 1: "good lord, look at the frictionised swelling between thine rotund posterior muscles!" <i>Mr Myagi</i>, Karate Kid (1984)
adj. 2: "hey supah happy fun boy! when heading to the light glow marvellous night extravaganza, well doubtfull have a joyous happy fun time, eh, its frictionised!!!!111!!1!"
by leonard coen March 11, 2005

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