Front Row Fucker
or as teachers know it, Front Row Fans...
Person 1: Are you going to the basketball game?
Person 2: Heck yeah! The FRF is gonna get crazzzyyy!
by elklover123 November 20, 2012
Top Definition
Friendship/ Relationship/ or Fuck?

An initial greeting frequently used on social media to ascertain if a person is DTF, or looking for something else.
Similar to when people used 'ASL' on MSN back in the day, FRF is used on social meeting sites such as Facebook & Tinder to cut the bullshit and get straight to the point.

It's a way of asking, "what are your intentions?"
Castro: "FRF"
Kiara: "You have a hot body, I'm DTF"
Castro: "Yeah alright, it's gonna happen, I'll see you in 20"


Johnny: "FRF?"
Jess: "I'm looking for a relationship"
Johnny: "You can have a relationship with my dick"
by FRF August 28, 2014
Not commonly seen, can be found when someone mis-spells "lol" to become "kik" (the letters directly left of it), then "juj", "hyh","gtg", and eventually FRF.


Direct typo of "gtg".

by Marcus Quinn October 23, 2006
An FRF is a front row faggot. These are the people in class that sit in the first row asking question upon question, primarily to act intelligent and/or point out mistakes the professor has made. An FRF is typically oblivious to the disdain of his or her classmates.
FRF: Professor, it says to always remember Euller's constant when integrating. Is this the same as Euler's constant?
by sontin0 October 20, 2011

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