-An ex-friend.

-Describes someone who used to be your friend, but who you can no longer label as such.

I have a frex who once stole my English homework and passed it as her own.

by scruffedup April 02, 2009
Top Definition
Abbreviation of "for example". May be used with a following full stop or comma, but also without.
Frex, this sentence fragment.
by Tropylium August 18, 2006
An ex who has become a friend, well, almost a friend; (otherwise you would just say: friend).

(Alternate spelling: fr-ex).
Jane went out for a lovely dinner with her latest frex, Joe. She felt that of all her frexes, he was the most comfortable with the transition. Unfortunately, her new BF, Jake, wasn't.
by EmBees June 08, 2007
An Ex who you're still friends with (friend + ex)

You do NOT hookup, that's a Sexfrex
"We're not getting back together- he's just my frex"

"I got really grunk last night and my frex turned into my sexfrex... whoops"
by OSUgirls February 23, 2014
v. to have meaningless sex with a friend, usually takes place in college.

"During our study break, John and I had frex."


"I know...therefore, we had frex. Duh."
by JOH-EJ April 23, 2009
When you are friends with your ex.
My frexes and I took the kids to dinner.
by heartsick August 05, 2014
An Ex that is still a friend.

see "frexy"
Girl 1: "So I hung out with my ex the other day.."
Girl 2: "Oh man.. that must have been awkward.."
Girl 1: "No! no! we're still friends! :)"
Girl 2: "Oh! so he's your frex! that clears things up."
by thepubgirls. January 31, 2010
ex boyfriend who you are still seeing
My frex is taking me out for dinner and a movie tonight.
by shakespeare's whisper February 22, 2011
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