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Texting someone what's really on your mind before editing with a language, content or audience filter.
"My Wife told me she was going to her Mom's on Saturday for dinner, but while she was out, she texted me that 'She'd be home from the spa around nine.'
Ha! She thinks I'm helping Joe put in a new deck. I wrote her back, 'Ok, the poker game is almost over.'
Double Freudian text; we're both idiots."
by Towanjica August 20, 2009
1. Sending a text message to the subject of your text, instead of the intended recipient.

2. Texting someone what's on your mind, as opposed to what you meant to say.
1. Me (to Alice): "Hey John, isn't Alice is a real bitch?"
Alice: "...What the fuck?"
Me: "Oops, Freudian text."

2. Me (to Alice): "Fuck you, lying whore."
Alice: "What?!?!"
Me: "Oops, Freudian text."
Alice: "...Again?!"
by ovanova August 25, 2010
When you accidently text somthing that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of some unconscious ("dynamically repressed") wish, conflict, or train of thought. The concept is thus part of classical psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud. Autotext can sometimes accidently insert your subconscious thought.
Normally, you would text, "I would love to see you." A Freudian text would instead text "I would love to sex you"
by mayhemdavis October 16, 2010