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Freshmanitis:most commonly diagnosed to freshman,
this disease is caught by freshman from odd upper classmen, and is highly contagious.

Symptoms include: extremely low amounts of spirit, sitting on your ass during pep rallies, and pretty much anything else annoying including not wanting to yell or express happiness

This disease has no cure, but it eventually goes away once the person with the illness becomes a sophomore. Only the odd children are uncurable and will stay infected to then pass it on to the lower class men.

Germex is reccomended to prevent the spreading.
These chlidren tend to live lives of social isolation, mimicking the faggetry portrayed in high school, in a sad attempt to do normal things.
freshmanitis (commonly known as faggotitis)
Jim: "Dude, That pep rally sucked."
Bob: "Yeah, all because of the freshman."
Jim: "I hate them, man!"
Bob: "It's just freshmanitis. You had it too."
Jim: "...Yeah...I know"
by noahgaudreau69 March 11, 2011
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