When referring to crack cocaine, "French Fries: are also referred to as 3 inch sticks
Yo daw, lemme grab up sum dem 20 dolluh French Fries
by HoustoneD June 18, 2009
More conclusive proof that George W Bush is a tit (see entry for Freedom fries); 'French' fries, like many things called French something-or-ther, were not even invented in France, and there is little evidence to suggest they were invented in Belgium, either.

In France they are generally eaten with steak (steak-frites), and were popularised by the Americans, who now, ironically, find the term 'French anything' sticking in ther craw... all because we aren't trigger-happy, Anti-Islamists.
"These French fries are clogging up my artery walls."
by Mordrez Moi September 16, 2006
A codeword for Nik Haug.
French Fries have no balls.
by Ivaaa December 18, 2010
The plural version of French Fry, meaning a hot, young (16-25 yrs old), French guy.

They are normally found all over Paris. They're the type one desperately wants to check out but is too embarassed to, so one makes sneaky glances at them to satisfy one's mental demand.
Girl 1:"I think the Spanish Omelettes and Italian Pizzas are top notch!"

Girl 2:"No, you've got it all wrong...it's all about the FRENCH FRIES!!!"
by GET OUT! August 15, 2008
a person who feels the need to brag at a time when it is both completely unnecesary and completely pointless. French Fry comes from when we were sitting in mcdonalds and we decided that we needed a word to call people that do this gay shit.. thats when i saw a french fry
cool guy 1: ha, yo man, last nite u were pukin like a bulemic bitch after thanksgiving dinner
cool guy 2: ha forreal, i guess thats what happens when u take 32 shots
weak kid 1: i never puke after i drink!
cool guy 1: french fry!
cool guy 2: ha yeah dude, shut up u flamin french fry
weak kid 1: (tears)
by the urbanator September 24, 2004
Little potato sticks dipped in fatty oil, not made for human consumption.
I'm a fatass because I eat french fries
by World Decay December 17, 2005

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