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A variation on fellatio where the person performing the act wraps their hand around shaft of the penis behind the balls and uses their thumb to push the balls up against the shaft. Then, while taking as much of the shaft into their mouth as possible, they stick out their tongue and swirl it on the pressed-up balls.
My girl gave me a french cuff last night! I felt like a porn star!
by CrusherJoe January 23, 2011
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A formal cuff on a button up shirt that is folded up twice and fastened with a cufflink. Typically worn by reverends, pimps, and french people. Anyone else that wears them is most likely a POSER who is trying to hard; An unamerican way of wearing a shirt
ooolala, i look so fly, in my french cuff button up.
by hypesession December 15, 2010

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