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Best band ever. Really. ever.
Freezepop is the best band ever!
by Swedie November 10, 2004
A band that uses qy70 do to most of their sounds. features liz enthusiasm, the duke of pannekoeken, and the other sean t. drinkwater. Some of their work is in the game Amplitude, or Frequency.
I don't have ms. pac-man
asteroids or donkey kong
don't look here for tetris
even supermario
don't ask me, i told you no

don't play with me
I am not your toy
oh cant you see
I am not your gameboy
by blackmage53 December 08, 2004
A synthpop band hip enough for hipsters but nerdy enough for nerds, Freezepop are back with a new batch of songs that you won’t be able to get out of your head.
Ah! I freaking love Freezepop!
by la di da May 06, 2005
The act of a man touching his genitals and/or having his genitals touched while in Cold or Icy weather.
Guy - ''I heard the Freeze Pop originated from Alaskan Eskimos who used to gather together in their igloos, and jerk one another off with lube produced from snowflakes and whale tears.''

Guy #2 - OK.. i was actually just asking how your weekend went..but good to know, i guess.
by VocalWallflower August 18, 2009
The greatest most awesomest band EVER!!!All there songs ROKK!!!
Freezepop is my FAVORITEST band in the WHOLE world...I listen to them everyday and have 491 pictures all of Freezepop on my mp3.
by xJemax September 22, 2008
When a girl is giving a guy head with ice cubes in her mouth.
"Ouch! Me wang is frozen solid! No diggity!"
by Dys-functional February 11, 2005
Sticking a Popsicle up your ass, and sticking your dick in a carton of Ice Cream.
(Scenario: On a date at the pizza place)

Jack: So I did a freeze pop the other day and my wife walked in...

Jane: Are we gonna order food now?

Jack: I'm in the mood for ice cream actually...
by AlanizWins July 28, 2009
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