A sport where mad-men attempt death-defying stunts and Jackie-Chan esque acrobatic feats.
What, you really expect me to use Free Running in a sentence that isn't just saying the word randomly?
by Paradox Vincent November 04, 2004
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Free running is a sport that is known for it aray of stunts, flips and tricks done when runner n jumping over or onto things. This is a dangerus sport and comes with many problems. The most likly is broken bones and sprins.
If i was to go Free-Running, i may jump on to a wall n could put in a 360 turn or a half flip. Just make things more complicated add a reverse.
by kirstilla July 23, 2006
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Commonly mistaken for Parkour,(Getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible) Free running is more or less a mixture of Parkour and tricking(a kind of extreme sport where the "athletes" do fast, flips, and kicks continually in sequences) Free running is a mixture of vaults, flips, spins, and other flashy tricks in an outside environment. Free running is practiced with a different mind set then parkour. Free running is practiced often to express ones self through movement, to enjoy the tricks for fun, and to become more free then an average human. to be more physically equipped. to free ones self from an ordinary life style. Some may use these ability's to show off rather then just for fun but it is their choice not anyone elses. It Takes Great skill, strength, technique, and fearlessness to practice free running.
"The only reason free runners cant fly is their balls are so big it weighs them down"
"Free running Rocks"
by Jul9620 June 10, 2013
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'sebastian foucan featured in the channel four documentary 'jump london', describing the new urban sport of freerunning'
by Flamsmark January 16, 2005
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also known as street jumping, or street running.
it is a 'sport' as some call it usually in illegal spots where a group, club or gang do tricks and flips off gaps walls ledges you name it.
gangmember1:"yo, man are we going to go free running at our spot?".
gangmember2:"nah man, i found this sick new spot with gaps, you in?".
ganmember1:"fo sure".
by boobranchmuz October 10, 2009
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Running whilst in one's birthday suit. If a man, the shlong and scrotum swing freely in an agreeable and satisfying way.
The old man enjoyed free running across the country.
by pietrzap March 14, 2007
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