Person obsessed with getting free stuff
Bob, is such a freek! He always keeps those stupid ketchup packets.
by Jonathan Young May 05, 2007
A cool and wigger hating goth. A punk hater and heavy metal obsessed freak.
One who enjoyes scaring people mentally
Dude look at that freek.
by Evan April 14, 2005
member ov blazin squad an a good mc
freek is in blazin an hes ok lookin
by donia November 09, 2003
freek is a person who loves to have sex with children and old grannies. he also watches grannyporn all the time.
if someone has a menage a trois with a granny and a baby, he's a freek
by freekk October 03, 2006
A person with derranged fingers and toes see claw
chris hays is A FREEK!!!
by ?? February 01, 2005
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