A cruel saying to someone who is not tribbin. Some one who lacks cooler quailities.
You're are such a freeb.
This teacher of mine is a freeb.
Don't be such a freeb.
by Dane September 28, 2004
Top Definition
sleep; siesta; snooze; slumber
I'm going to freeb. He is freebin'. I am feeling quite freebish. Did you have a nice freeb?
by Kyle August 08, 2004
a curse word substitute often used in the company of friends or in places that cursing is not commonly allowed. it can be one word in the sentace or evry word in the sentance.
shut the freeb up u freebin cooter

matt: wut does freeb mean?
jared: shut your freebin mouth
cody: freebin freebskie

freeb those freebers they're freebin tacos
by godhatesacooter August 08, 2009
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