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civilization, society! -souls walking around partially or completely 'out of their heads', under the guise of being 'sane' or 'moral'.!! -the only guidelines for this being that of laws, their momma; or the church.

you, unable to ever 'know' anything about anything, thanks to these souls who are happy to do it for you! the only difference between a free range asylum and a normal one is, locked door, cells, rooms, cages and monitors.

every so often one of these souls goes 'off' unable to 'reign-in' their bizarre ideas, and 'stinks' upon some of their own.

what guarantee is there that the person standing right next to you isn't an 'accident waiting to happen'? ie: your sister, brother, mother, father, pastor, boss, friend, therapist, sales'person', doctor, lawyer, indian chief, etc.....? -whos' to say YOU are "sane"?

history is solid proof, that we humans as a whole, are a pretty peculiar bunch! 'my way or the highway' (or death!) seems to be the prevailing human attitude!!!!!
the shopping mall at christmas was a free range asylum!!

left my brother at the sanitarium, and entered the free range asylum!

went off, and went from an open air free range asylum; into a much more regulated environment!!
by michael foolsley December 08, 2010
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