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An extreme cheapskate or cheapass. A person who is constantly looking for free things, to the point of being aggravating. They are not merely trying to save money in a tough economic period, they are simply cheap. They will go on a few dates with people who they are not genuinely interested in, solely for the chance of getting free dinners. They go to seminars, sales pitches, and real estate open houses just for free snacks and appetizers. They attempt to take multiple free samples from the restaurant people in food courts at malls. They steal coupons for free items from newspapers and magazines.
Lana asked Kevin to sit through a thirty-minute sale pitch about timeshares so they could get a $15 gift card for McDonald's and not have to pay for dinner afterward. Kevin suspected that she might be a free hound.
by CoyoteWolf12 March 13, 2014
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