The two damn sexiest gingers anyone has ever read/seen. Portrayed by James and Oliver Phelps.

Born on April 1st, 1978. Fred died tragically at the age of 20 in the battle of Hogwarts. George lost an ear in the Battle over Little Whinging.

Also know as Gred and Forge.
Twilight Fan: Ew. Fred and George Weasley are fucking ugly.

HP Fan: BITCH DON'T GET ME STARTED! THE ONLY GINGER YOU HAVE IS VICTORIA AND SHE WAS A SLUT. AND AT LEAST HARRY POTTER HAS TWINS IN THEIR SERIES UNLIKE YOUR FUCKING MARY-SUE! *repeaditly smacks twilight fan in the back of the head with "Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheonix*
by Harrypottersyndrome December 20, 2010
Top Definition
Fred and George Weasley are the twin brothers of Ron Weasley in the popular Harry Potter books. They are portrayed in the movies by James and Oliver Phelps.

They are the trouble-makers at Hogwarts, and often finish each other's sentances.
With Fred and George Weasley gone, all the students at Hogwarts were looking to fill in the spot of resident troublemakers.
by ILoveRobertPattinson December 17, 2005
fred and george weasley are the twins in the weasley family in the harry potter series.
fred and george weasley look the same
by crowie August 07, 2006
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