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A girl who is willing to do anything to please guy basically like a {hoe}.
Damn that girl did what eva i told her last night she a Freak A Leak.
by Ghettofabhunny March 24, 2005
A woman that goes all the way with men. Low self respect for herself. A derogative name to call a woman.
Laquesha is the biggest freak-a-leak I have ever seen, she f'd that boy on the first date!
by logann hinshaw May 08, 2005
the term used by a rapper meaning loving to freak or in otherterms a sexoholik (:
i am a freakaleak.... i do it atleast once a freakin day
by z-kizzle_069 May 02, 2004
The term used to define a person that demonstrates sexual perversion and perverted-like qualities in their everyday jargen and daily behaviors. Can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb. This term can be used in many varieties of dialogue. It just does not include conversations about sex, but of many other conversations including (We will let you decide). Have fun freak-a-leaking!!!HAYYYYY!
This term may be used in a sentence:
Then, Little Michael exclaimed, "I SPRUNG A FREAK-A-LEAK, HAYYYYYYY!"
or it can be said as:
"That BIA is such a freak-a-leak! She is rubbing all up on my man! Oh no Shaneqwa didn't!!!!!"
by Sarah and Michelle August 02, 2007
A term started by the SMS to describe chicks they do not err approve of. Has since be mocked by bike-sexuals through out the years.
What a freak a leaks, i bet she can not even say massage correctly.
by Ali McDoogle November 03, 2008
A freak a leak is a sexy freak. Someone who acts like a freak, but is technically not a freak, and other people think the person is sexy. Then they would be called a freak a leak.
That boy that is dancing on the car is a freak a leak!
by freakyfreshh August 01, 2009
when someone if freakin' so much they might explode or spring a leak out of some place in their body.
"Don't freakaleak Chad!"
by chadrulezz May 20, 2007
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