fucking rocking awesome
thats frawesome ur parents let you go out
by Sacha November 22, 2003
Top Definition
adj- the relization that something is so amazingly beyond awsome. It is a mixing the words freaking and awesome. Some Americans use it as a shorter way of saying these words.

2. the complete disbelief of something being able to exist, however it does. which makes it freaking awsome, or- frawesome
-Dude I just won the lottery!
- No way, frawesome!.

-That was the coolest thing I've ever seen.
-Frawesome. (amazed agreement)
by t_mast May 04, 2009
a combination of freaking and awesome. used when something is just too cool and better than awesome.
That party last night was beyond awesome...it was frawesome!

Snowboarding is probably one of the most frawesome sports around.
by bravery99 December 16, 2009
Combination of "frikkin" and "awesome". Elaboration of awesomeness in one word.
Wow, this weekend was frawesome! One never to forget...
by Too Perfect (TP) January 10, 2011
expression used when awesome isnt enough to explain how amazing something is.
Man that sex last night was frawesome.
by The word doctor 3.0 November 28, 2009
An amalgamation of the words freakin' and awesome combined to make the words more accessible in everyday use.
This movie is so frawesome.
by MB & HP January 12, 2008
Shorter version of the phrase frucking awesome.
~Made up by me, Kylie, from Minnesota, USA. Thank you very much and have fun using my word.~
OMG! That math test was so not frawesome.
by MNchick88 December 20, 2005

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