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One of those fag-ass frat boys, who live their failed athletic careers through fraternity sports. They usually weren't that good in high school, but seem to do alright in frat sports. Thus, they think they're big men on campus because they hit the game-winning home run, freethrow, etc. although they are playing against many others who are equally as bad or worse. They take away from the real hard work and dedication us REAL collegiate athletes put in.
Those fratletes probably weren't varsity in high school
by TAMU Joe October 08, 2006
A sexy boy who is in a fraternity. He's also on an athletic team. No, not a little baby rec-sports one. A real-live sweaty school one. They chant and scream both on and off the court!
Hey girl, where were you last night?
Sorry i never came home, i can never resist a fratlete ;)
by Squirta Cumbolow March 05, 2011
A fraternity guy who lives for intermural and fraternity based athletics. This guy trains and practices like a pro athlete for fraternity events.
Dan has been training for 3 weeks to drop weight for the intrafraternity wrestling meet. He is a dedicated fratlete.
by Phunkdafizzle February 25, 2005
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