female masturbation
I took a sickie and spent all day Frapping myself until my bean was sore!
by benski September 02, 2003
Top Definition
wherein an individual leaves their Facebook profile logged in and unattended.. leaving it open to have their status update free to be comically or embarrassingly changed by another person.
status update frapping >> Michael Jones: I better get my anal leaking in check!
by pyroteaze July 31, 2011
The art of sitting in Starbucks with your MacBook and a frappuccino, not actually doing anything except trawling Facebook, just to look 'hip'.
The only reason someone buys a MacBook is so they can sit in Starbucks on it, frapping away like a pretentious prick.
by TheSubwayMan January 20, 2011
Similar to planking, frapping is an activity where one will drop trou and pretend to have (or to actually have) a bowel movement in an unusual or incongruous location.
Person 1: Check it out! I'm frapping!
Person 2: Oh, dude! Really, Kenny... REALLY? I can see your balls!
Person 1: Quick, Brian! Take a picture!
by B In HD January 12, 2012
The act of crapping and then fapping sequentially.
Frapping in your friends bathrooms is not polite but fun if your too lazy to get up and go to a different room to fap.
by JonesJohnnyaplplpleseed July 10, 2012
A word used to describe the act of going to Starbucks and freeloading off of their Wi-Fi to look at porn.
Person 1: Dude, I have a problem. Lately, my mom's been looking over my shoulder when I go on the computer. How am I supposed to look at any of the yiff you sent me?

Person 2: Relax, man, you can just go frapping.
by kawaiifujoshidesuchan September 25, 2010
An elite form of fraping (facebook raping), in which the frapist (or frapper) makes a derogatory rap written in the style of the victim about their life, perhaps including personality quirks, habits and events that have occured to them. Quite literally facebook rapping.

Ideally a frap is performed between very white people, such that it would be highly uncharacteristic for them to ever rap, especially ones with an air of misogyny and vulgarity.

Invented on the 13th of April 2012 in Manchester, England.
The original case of frapping, performed on someone whose forename has been replaced with X and surname Y.

The name is X, but that's Y to you,
I'm the number 2 fencer in Britain; it's true.
With my foil sword I'll bring a flurry of strikes
A hellstorm, an art form out of Surrey, that's right.
People see me in the street and know I'm a daywalker,
Yes I tan 'cause I'm the man; can't kill me with holy water,
I'm a red head, bitch, and that means that I will injure
Everyone and everything that dares to calls me a ginger.
Everywhere I go, bitches be turning to me
and sayin', "X, doth mine fake tits feel real to thee?"
And I be like, bitch please, I don't get what you just asked
I know my name's Y, but I don't come from the past
All I know is you're my bitch, so bring those babies over here
Of course I'm gonna touch your rack, what d'you think I am, queer?
'Cause I'm from the South, bitch, and I work with cars
So all the women I meet want me to take off their bras
It's a step up from Mac Do's, now I'm rolling in hos
This frape was faithfully brought to you by Name of frapper
by AJFR April 14, 2012
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