A festival in celebration of our dear leader, Frank. Children line the streets waving flags made from their clothes as he passes by, drunken maidens and eager young men throw themselves at his feet in the cocktail bars and most expensive pubs of Kensington and Hammersmith, and the internet goes crazy on the hashtag #Frankfest2012
'Frankfest was the best night of my life, I feel sexually and spiritually awakened' said Jonny to Charlottle.

Everyone solemnly agreed.
by Lt Duck November 21, 2012
Top Definition
A gathering where the ratio of males to females is extremely unequal.
" Yo did you go to Connor's party last night"
"Yea i heard it was a frankfest"
"It was bro. There was 30 niggas and 2 bitches"
by Jbizzy100 July 08, 2016
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