An extinct species that lived during the Prehistoric Era, known as the Precambrian Era or better yet, the Jurassic Era. The type of species is a Teradactil. It is large in size, tilts a little bit, and has ginourmas wings and flys.
Yo fran u teradactil.

Francesco is a teradactil br0, but hes s0lid guy

y0 d00d, its teradactil.

yo teradatil.

the fuck you doing you teradactil.
by Mike Palumbo May 06, 2008
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usually and italian name for a person whos nickname in english can be frank or franky.

because the people who have the name off francesco are usually italian they have great italian sauges that women luv to eat
WOMEN:hey francesco can i have some of ur great sausage
FRANCESO: sure get in line with the rest of the ladies waiting for my meat
by bmxking13 July 15, 2006
A very very sexy man from Italian decent . Great personality, very athletic and smart, all the girls love him!
I wish I was Francesco, he gets all the ladies.
by cesco13 April 23, 2011
A boy who is too daft to realise that a girl wants to be in his gondola.
1: When are you going to tell Francesco that you want to be in his gondola?

2: What?

1: ... I mean, when are you going to tell him that you like him?
by ICrucioYou October 25, 2011
A fool, someone with a bad dress sense, someone who cannot play tennis
'you are such a francesco' indicating someone is somewhat idiotic.
'you play like francesco' stating someone plays appallingly at sports e.g tennis and football
by Mr practical May 15, 2011
ie. Totty ie a hot chick

Named after Italian Soccer Player Franceco Totti
- Phroaw, that's a nice bit of Francesco

- Dave "Oh, we went to Something Nightclub last night"
Steve "Cool, was there much Francesco?"
by MarkB1982 October 10, 2005
italian formed name.
usually know to cheat on girlfriends.
but could never get anyone to begin with.
francesco is a cheating liar.
by rftgesrfdft August 10, 2006

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