Proper name for Quebec, shortening of French Canada.
Nobody likes Franada, that's why we're never going there.
by POINGjam December 04, 2006
Top Definition
The shipping of the two Hetalia characters, the pervy France and.... Who was it? Oh right, Canada. Because France is France, it's quite a surprise that he chose Canada over, well, everyone. However, fangirls argue this makes their bond stronger and also it's in the textbooks that France took over many of Canada's vital regions. Ohohon~
Fangirl 1: omg I love Franada
Fangirl 2: why not Prucan
Fangirl 3: or France X world?

(Cat fight)


Mr. Kumajiro: Who's in that Franada ship again? France and.....
Canada: me, Canadia, your owner!
by Le Alchemist October 27, 2013
french canada, combination of the two words
bill- where are you from with that crazyy accent?
betty- franada, mon amie
by coolethan August 17, 2006
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